Charge Every Single Terrorist Who Invaded the US Capitol with Murder

One of the murderers of Officer Brian Sicknick, before striking the fatal blow in a livestream on 1/6/21

I’m about to make an unpopular argument.

At our worst, Americans are a violent people, we are a ruthless people, we are a self-centered and self-entitled people. Few would argue that the domestic terrorists who invaded the US Capitol on January 6th represent the purest, most unadulterated concentration of those qualities and that they have been activated by powerful accelerants on social media, in foreign governments, and, most publicly, in our own White House. And I think most of us agree that they should face some consequences for levying war against the Republic.

Here’s the unpopular part:

The Capitol terrorists will never de-activate. They will never bow to reason. They will never cooperate or collaborate with the US. And they will never accept mercy. Without extreme consequences, they will only escalate. So we have only one option in dealing with them: prosecute each and every single one them to the fullest extent of the law. Charges for every person who entered that building or organized the attack should include sedition, conspiracy, and murder.

In the United States, we all know people like the terrorists who invaded the US Capitol on January 6th. We’ve all fought them on the playground and have probably collided with them quite a few times since then. They are the violent, selfish, ruthless and shamefully entitled people who will not accept mercy and would only view its offering as a weakness and an opportunity for further violence. If you beat them in a fistfight and show them mercy, they will come back with a bat. If you beat them and their bat and show them mercy, they will come back and shoot you. If you manage to evade the bullet and show them mercy, they will come back and shoot your whole family in the back. The only way to beat these people for good is to hit them so hard that they are physically incapable of escalation.

As my dad and his dad have always told me, and as the USMC told them:

“Some people only understand one thing.”

These are not reasonable protestors, they are not political activists, they are not patriots. They are white separatists, nazis and domestic terrorists levying war against the US. These people planted a bomb in my grandmother’s office on Wednesday. They only understand violence.

Seditious conspiracy.

The Capitol terrorists believed that they were engaged in an act of war. They were seeking the spoils of war. They should duly face the consequences of war. Given that the Capitol terrorists conspired broadly in a successful attempt to overrun the US Capitol, steal physical and digital assets, compromise national security and kidnap and murder elected officials, Capitol staff and Capitol police, it would be absolutely warranted to charge them all with sedition and conspiracy. Once they have been charged with seditious conspiracy, we can assume common purpose and charge them all in the orchestrated murder of Capitol Police officer, Brian Sicknick and the attempted murder of the 56 injured officers and the several elected officials who received credible threats, including Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence.

note: as I was typing this, the DOJ announced that some of the Capitol terrorists may be charged with sedition and conspiracy. Charge them all.

I’m sure most Americans won’t agree with this and would like to softshoe the domestic terrorists this time. But I would argue that if we don’t hit them hard enough to stop them and don’t make a clear example of them, the attack on the Capitol will be seen, in retrospect, as the first and most docile battle in a prolonged and horribly bloody insurgency. We will regret our mercy. They will kill us for it.

A treason charge requires two witnesses.

Understanding that the attack on our Capitol was an act of war, any active duty military personnel who participated in said attack should face court martial. Veterans who participated should be called up and court martialed as well…especially zip tie guy. Americans (most notably Donald Trump and co.) like to throw around the term “treason”, but it actually has a very narrow definition under article III and this act fits and applies especially to active duty personnel and veterans.

A treason charge only requires two witnesses. I’m guessing at least two people saw this on live television. I know I did:

white supremacist and USAF veteran, Larry R Brock Jr. in a livestream 1/6/21

Hit them so hard that they are physically incapable of escalation.

Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it.

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