It’ll Happen To YOU: Pokémon Go vs. The Olds

And by “The Olds” I mean…you’re like 35…or 28.

Watching late-20 and 30somethings rage on social media about Pokemon is literally the most eye-opening and hilarious thing I have seen in a while. It makes me realize how rapidly the brain loses flexibility and new things become foreign and scary.

I realize there comes a stage in life where you no longer FW social trends or fads or new tech, but does something as innocuous as a video game really make y’all that angry and “afraid for this generation?” What if you were 30 when NWA came out? or The Sex Pistols? or Elvis? or Nirvana? how about the hula hoop? or pogs. Eminem? or Atari. Muhammad Ali? Saturday morning cartoon blocks? or The Beatles with those haircuts. how about tight jeans? baggy jeans? playing cards? electric streetlamps? the motion picture? or hey…women’s suffrage? public schools? the assembly line? vaccines!?!?!? We are the old people we warned each other about, y’all.

Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it.