Just Wait Til the Poo Cannon Turns on You…

Well, America…here’s your POTUS, a grown ass man who had face and belly lipo and a botched scalp pull at 40, spending 4th of July weekend throwing personal sympathy and common decency out the window and trying to publicly shame and bully a female TV personality for (allegedly) getting a (clearly very good) facelift…which is neither shameful nor any of the public’s GAT DAM business. Is this really who y’all wanted to be as a people? I’m serious. Everything else (batshit policy, declining economy, potential treason, loss of international allegiances) aside…you ALL knew who this person was…and you chose him to set the tone for how your children will behave and treat their peers. And I don’t just mean the alt-right Trumpists, or just party Republicans…I mean all of you never-Hillary Dems and erase-Obama leftists and 3rd party tourists who went out of your way to install this garbage individual, knowing full well what it meant to every at-risk and potentially at-risk American. YOU ALL KNEW who this guy was…well, maybe not to the extent that New Yorkers knew…1st grade in NY includes a cautionary reading of the Donald’s bio and the dangers of taking oligarch money…BUT I MEAN YOU ALL KNEW WHO THIS GUY WAS AS A HUMAN. And he still won most states. And he still won the Christian vote, and the white vote, and the white female vote FFS, and the far left and the far right, and traditional Republicans. Seriously…is this really who you are? Is half of America secretly or not-so-secretly enjoying TF out of this shitshow as long as the poo cannon is pointed at someone else?

Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it. https://lrigwoc.myshopify.com/

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