Mitch McConnell’s Health Care Bill is Breathtakingly Gorgeous

I mean MAYBE!

Maybe it is entirely beautiful, universally beneficial, compassionate and complex, but only in its sleek simplicity. MAYBE it’s SO beautiful that Mitch McConnell is looking forward to the historic moment when he can unveil his master work, in all of its glory, to the American public. And you will see. And you will know. That this is the goodness that Mitch hath MADE AND YOU WILL KNOW HIS NAME IS MCCONNELL! AND THAT THIS IS HIS!

Look. I can think of 3 good reasons to draft a monumental health care bill in secret and vote on it sight-unseen:

1) You are 100% Planning on screwing over as many Americans as possible, and you don’t want your constituents to know you’re planning on killing them until the sword is hilt deep.

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