My Crazy Theory about those Snapchat Glasses

So, leading up to (and even more so in the wake of) the worldwide Pokemon GO coup, we’ve all been thinking about AR and companies like Magic Leap and how its technology could be applied to our fields. My field is dope ass video, so I’ve been thinking about use cases in photo/video creation and it brought me back to the mystery of Snapchat’s Snapshades. I’m calling them Snapshades, although that’s probably not the product name, but it should be, but it probably isn’t, but it will be.

So after looking at the leaked images of the product and re-reading some old articles, here’s what I’m thinking:

Snapshades are going to be for simultaneous viewing AND recording with more immersive, better, front-camera, location-based lenses that utilize Magic Leap technology. SO here’s the story that they’ll use in the product video:

You + the squad go to Coachella. On the field you can buy a pair of Snapshades for like $10 (wishful thinking). When you put them on, the camera reveals all sorts of lens options that transform your environment. They move. They animate. Some of them may even be customized to integrate with your favorite acts, adding characters, scenery, lighting effects, etc.

what’s it like, Bart?

And it totally changes the visual experience of the show…sort of like the next wave of 3D glasses but with recording. You can add cat ears to THE WHOLE CROWD. DJ Khaled rains keys on you. Chance The Rapper fights a giant neon squid. AND you don’t even have to drop acid. AND the glasses are way cheaper than acid. AND you know what bathtub they were made in so you don’t end up like young Molly here:

up 4 tha downstroke

The hint was hiding in plain sight all along, but back in April I was thinking of integrating Magic Leap into Snapchat as more of a viewing experience use-case and not necessarily creation.

Of course, there are other theories. Yahoo seems to think the main focus is going to be 360 video creation. Also totally possible.

So the big question: how would you get kids to go all-in on a wearable? Wasn’t Google Glass considered super invasive and dorky AF? Yes it was. But Google made the fatal mistake of not paying a couple of Jenners to wear Glass. Pay a couple of Jenners to wear Snapshades and your kids will not be able to steal your CC info fast enough. They’re YOUR kids man, don’t shoot the messenger.


Anyway, like it says up there in that title, this is just a crazy theory. I have zero sources, zero intel and negative one facts to back this up, but I hope it’s true. That would be cool.


Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it.

Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it.