#TempsOverIt: Why I’m Not Paying for Instagram and Snapchat Models (For Now)

The Common Case:

If you’re a mid-high level IG model and you have 1 million followers, you make a lot of money to post photos based on your ability to motivate people to purchase goods. Now, let’s assume that none of your followers are fake or bought and you don’t buy likes for every post (both of these are common practices, so let’s be honest, you absolutely do).

The Flip Side:

Of course, the argument against this is that brand awareness and association and sentiment are all very important. And I agree. As hard as they are to put a numerical value on, these things absolutely do matter. Advertising professionals will tell you that Instagram and Snap users, in general, want to align themselves with cool brands, and therefore, you want to align your brand with the most influential butt cheeks.

You Wanna See Some Ads? I Wanna See Some Cash:

For my money, I think YouTubers and gamers still provide the most bang for your buck in influencer marketing. A good vlogger is super relatable, slightly aspirational and can get a digital-native 12 year old to get up, go outside and buy a physical, paper book…and probably even READ it! The fandoms really care about these kids, because these kids put in the time to build relationships and two-way conversations. They move the damn needle. AND, like traditional celebrities (and the best traditional models) they are very unique and specific. One of the other problems that that has come with trying to replace real models and real influencers and real celebs with the RKOI is that the RKOI all buy the same lifestyle, the same gear, the same procedures, the same face, the same body, etc. I follow a lot of Instabaddies, but I have to admit that, if pressed, I couldn’t name or differentiate between any of them, because even the distinctive looks that serve as Trademarks for traditional models have been beat and shopped and cut and plumped into a homogenized “social media model” look.



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