The Incredibly Simple Guide to Creating a Wallet and Buying NFTs on WAX

  • A desktop (laptop etc) machine. NFT trading is not particularly mobile friendly.
  • A credit card. Honey, we’re gonna buy a little crypto today.
  • An email address (optional, but ideal).
  • An open mind (or equivalent) 😄
  • About 5 minutes. Maybe even 6.

1. Create a WAX wallet.

This part is free and easy. You can register for a WAX wallet with an email or with any of several supported social sites. I like to use email so that all of my correspondence and auth codes go to the same place, but to each his own…I know gen Z does not FW email 😄

2. Buy some WAX.

Once you have created your wallet, you should add some WAX ($WAXP) to it. $WAXP is the specific cryptocurrency native to the WAX blockchain, and in order to purchase NFTs and perform certain actions on the chain, you will need some of its local currency. Essentially you will need to change some universe dollars for metaverse dollars. Your wallet dashboard should look like this:

3. Stake some WAX.

Now that you have a wallet and you have some spending money, there is one final step. This one may seem slightly strange and new and (full disclosure) it’s gonna put a hold on about $3 worth of your WAX.



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