Trump Signs Executive Order to Postpone 2020 Election.

BREAKING: Trump signs Executive Order to postpone 2020 election citing “unprecedented US media and Intelligence interference”. Senate majority in agreement. Election to be rescheduled pending Frontier Services investigation of FBI, CIA and DIA.

This sounds weird right? This is fake news. No really, this is fake news.

But be honest. For a moment, you thought it was *potentially real. It read as a little too shocking, but borderline plausible. Right?

And that’s why you need to be keeping a journal. Because a year ago, this sort of thing would’ve been immediately flagged as an impossibility. #NotHere amirite? And I’m going to repost this in exactly one year. And by then it might not sound weird at all anymore. By then it might be totally plausible. By then you may have been stung by so many micro-shocks that you’ve forgotten that (inevitably) postponing a democratic presidential election is not how America works.

That’s how the slide into new-normalcy happens. Anyone who’s ever marketed a paradigm shifting product knows this. You have to chip away the old status quo day by day until people forget the old normal. You don’t just announce the end of American democratic elections all at once. You don’t try to migrate people… instead, you subtly change their homes over time until everyone just forgets and habitually clicks the opt-in to access the services they need. You create the appropriate conditions one tick at a time and people, who are busy feeding themselves and their families, tend to drop into line with very little struggle and with exponentially increasing frequency.

Sure there will be the early and passionate adopters to any strange new product, but those are the edge cases. What I’m talking about here is you, the average consumer.

At first the motivator to adopt heretofore unacceptable protocol is probably some combination of ignorance, denial and convenience…but eventually, it’s conformity. No one wants to be an out group. And if falling into line is an option…and the pain points of falling into line aren’t too noticeable, or they ARE but are also quite gradual, it’s easy to forget how things used to be. AND even if you don’t forget, it‘s just way easier to fit in, comply, and not be the tall nail. Have you ever eased into a hot bath?


Just some stuff to think about as we close out 2017. Keep writing yourself letters. Keep updating that journal. Nourish your memory. HERE’S a great article in Slate that says it way better.

Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it.

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