You Just Got Outfoxed By A Fox

Full disclosure: I’ve been writing this post for about 3 years. I keep going back, and editing a few words, reorganizing some sections, rethinking an analogy or two, worrying about how it might be viewed, generally procrastinating and questioning whether it’s my place to chime in on clinical depression. I’m…

“I think that we deserve better and I feel like there might be a more generous platform to come along if enough people followed in my footsteps.” -Michael Stipe, on leaving Instagram

I’ve spent the better part of my life trying to do what Michael Stipe would do in any given situation. I always thought that practice would ultimately be expressed in music…or in some more traditional medium. But the fact is, I’ve been most successful in building social media tools…I’ve made…

I heard an interesting argument this week explaining that foreign powers/trolls/Trump/Fox News etc aren’t gaslighting the American far right, not because they aren’t trying, but because they don’t need to. The American far right long ago diverted from mainstream reality, and they did so on their own accord.

*note: below…

Seth Shellhouse

Built the grid so I could spend more time off of it.

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